Understanding The Latest Lock Technology

Technology continually changes in all areas, including the ways that locks are made. If you have an old deadbolt on your front door, you may want to consider contacting a locksmith service, like Amazing Locksmith, to remove your old locks and upgrade them with new locks that incorporate convenience and technology.

Today's locks are easy to use and eliminate the need to hide a spare key on your property in case you lose your keys and get locked out. When it comes to state-of-the-art locks, you have several options, and an experienced locksmith will be able to help you determine which one is your best option. Continue reading to learn more about the latest technology in locks for your home.

Coded Locks

One of the most popular types of new locks are those that require a unique code in order to unlock. These types of codes have a number pad, which is either digital or in button form, and you have the ability to create your own passcode. If you want extra security, you can opt to change the passcode as often as you would like. Some people change the passcode every month, while others may opt to change the passcode only if the current code has been shared with someone who needed to enter the house. Coded locks are great for families with kids because you never have to worry about keys being lost--as long as your children can remember a simple passcode, they can enter the house at any time.

Smart Locks

Smart homes, which use apps on smart phones or tablets, are all the rage, and your home's locks can be a part of your smart home system. When you have a smart lock, the locks on your doors will sync to your phone's app when it is open. You will then have the option of locking or unlocking the lock or even sending a unique one time digital passcode to another person via the app if they need to enter your home. The information used for smart locks is very encrypted, so you don't need to worry about anyone stealing the information and using it to gain entry to your home.

Biometric Locks

In terms of convenience, biometric locks can't be beat. Most biometric locks use fingerprints to lock or unlock the door. If you have a biometric lock installed in your home, you can program each family member's fingerprint into the lock. Then, when someone wants to lock or unlock a door, all they need to do is place their finger on the sensor so the lock is able to scan the fingerprint and determine if it is a valid print that has been programmed.