The Do's And Don'ts For Home Buyers Who Want To Motivate Sellers

When home buyers are hoping that their offer on a home is accepted, they can get anxious. Some are tempted to resort to self-sabotaging tactics in order to motivate the real estate agent or home seller to agree to their terms. That's always a mistake. If you are longing to buy a house and find yourself growing impatient as you wish for ways to motivate a home seller, consider these do's and don'ts for home buyers.

Do Write a Sincere Letter About Why You Want the Home

Although some home sellers prefer to keep things strictly business, most people will be more than willing to read a sincere letter from a potential home buyer. Your letter should be honest, polite, sincere, and personal. Avoid including sob stories even if you do have a sad motivation unless you have some strong reason for including that sort of information.

Don't Insult the House in an Attempt to Lower the Price

One serious mistake that many home buyers make in an attempt to get a lower price is to confront the home seller about all the improvements the home needs. Hearing about all the flaws in their home may offend home sellers, but it is not likely to make them eager to sell their precious home to you. Take the high road and be unfailingly polite and professional.

Do Consider Which Unique Things You Have to Offer the Seller

You offer things that no other home buyer has to offer, so use a little creativity to think about what things you can do to politely motivate the home seller. If you talk to the home seller about what their goals are with the real estate sale, you may get a clearer idea of what it is that you could offer them. For example, if you are the owner of a sunglass shop, you could get inventive and offer the home seller a couple of pairs of sunglasses every year for 10 years after completing the real estate sale. Keep it fun and simple.

Finally, keep in mind that whether a home seller approves your offer is ultimately up to them. Sometimes a home seller will simply back out and change their mind about selling a beloved property, while, in rare instances, some may want to go on living in the space a while longer so they turn down an immediate offer. However, when you follow these do's and don'ts, you may find that potential sellers respond to you in a more positive way.